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Using solar energy to produce eco-friendly power is increasingly important.

In Germany, the EEG (Renewable Energy Act) lifted capacity restric-tions in 2020, and a wealth of new marketing and funding instru-ments for financing solar energy systems open up excellent ways of realizing projects in the field. VISPIRON plans, builds and operates solar parks and rooftop photovoltaic systems from 1 MWp to the utility scale segment.
Operators, land owners and energy suppliers

For operators, land owners and energy suppliers, market bonus schemes, innovation tendering and PPA contracts offer interesting ways of generating returns on green energy produced by photovoltaic systems.

Commercial and industrial clients

For our commercial and industrial clients, producing the power for their factories by a solar plant will greatly reduce their energy costs, thereby cutting the money spent on electricity by a significant proportion.

In many cases, merely having a solar park doesn't suffice. We also offer a combination with large lithium-ion storage options, or charging stations for electromobility. Please contact us – we have many years of experience with combined solar plants.

Our service range covers the entire value chain, starting with pro-ject development and getting all the permits, to planning and turn-key solar systems to the technical and commercial operation of your solar park.

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4 Steps to Green Energy

We plan and optimize your solar system and energy storage for high per-formance and cost-efiiciency. Your yearly production of green energy is ideally tailored to your own needs and helps you cut costs on a high level.
Construction Preparation
/ Per year
Project calculation & tendering
Project plan creation
Purchase & material ordering
Expert assessment on the foundation structures
Static verification
Site Management
/ Per year
Site supervision & construction support
Coordination of construction progress
Project plan monitoring
Insurance during building period
Site security
Building Implementation
/ Per year
Pile driving
Assembly of substructures
Assembly of the PV modules
Assembly of power inverters
/ Per year
EEG inspection with inspection protocol
Technical inspection of assembly
Inspection by the power grid operator
Commissioning & connection to grid
Project documentation

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