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The DC Charging Station by CHARGE-V

The 4-directional
DC fast charging station

Electric vehicles combine vehicle technology with high-performance electronics from supply technology. VISPIRON has been working in the field of electronics development in vehicles since the company was founded in 2002 and in solar power plant construction since 2007.

VISPIRON brought together experts from both worlds to develop the DC fast charging station and developed a unique DC fast charging station. We can convert PV power directly into charging power.


Charging Power up to 160 KW DC
Direct DC Energy Conversion out of Solar Parks possible
Avoidance of Network Charges through Battery Storage
DC Intermediate Ring enables Energy to be distributed in all directions
Made in Germany

CHARGE-V Fast Charging System

Pushing E-Mobility only makes sense with energy from renewable sources. The Sun provides clean energy that is required for electromobility. With the fast charging stations from CHARGE-V, we bring solar systems and electric vehicles together without detours. If no electric vehicle is charged, the solar system feeds into the public grid.

Do you need a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at your location?

We have solutions for your future -
from planning to operation

VISPIRON has been successfully implementing projects in the energy sector for many years. As a general contractor, we advise customers from conception to the finished project.

Perfect solutions to your individual requirements

We develop a suitable solution for you and coordinate the implementation of the construction work.

Operation & Maintanence of E-Charging Stations

Our Experts make sure that your Charging Stations function economically and ecologically

Network connection and coordination with the network operator

The network connection represents a particular challenge. Coordination with the network operator and load management are decisive here.