The mobility of tomorrow is electric.

Profit from revenue with surplus GHG quotas.

Do you need a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at your location?

VISPIRON has been successfully realising projects in the energy sector for many years. As a general contractor, we advise customers from the initial concept to the finished project.

Additional revenue through GHG quotas

As a company, you can successfully reduce your own emissions and trade excess greenhouse gas (GHG) quotas on the market, thereby generating additional revenue.

Reducing own emissions

By using renewable energy to power charging stations, companies can reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions. This allows them to acquire fewer GHG quotas to achieve their emission targets.

Grid connection and coordination with the grid operator

We support you in coordinating with the grid operator, as load management is essential in this regard.

Operation of the e-charging station

We take care of the operation and expansion of your e-charging station.

CHARGE-V Fast Charging System

A change in transport only makes sense with energy from renewable sources. Our sun provides the energy needed for electromobility. With the CHARGE-V fast charging stations, we bring together the solar system and the electric vehicle without any detours. If no electric vehicle is being charged, the solar system feeds into the public grid.