VISPIRON SOLAR PUMP - Plug & Play Container

In cooperation with KSB and Fuji-Electric, VISPIRON developed an optimized and preconfigured turnkey solar powered water pump system designed to a logistic concept in standard containers – VISPIRON Plug & Play Container Solution.

clean, easy and reliable

Our strenght lies in the ability to pump high volumes of groundwater from extreme depths using solar energy.

The VISPIRON Solar Pump Solution - preconfigurable to each customers requirements - is highly adaptable and is configurated to meet the project requirements with maximum economic and technical efficiency.

As photovoltaic modules become more affordable, solar powered water pump systems are not only an eco-friendly but a cost-efficient solution as well.


High water volumes from wells as deep as hundreds of meters
Simple installation and easy start up - Plug and Play
High reliability, low operation and maintenance costs
Optimized supply security due to individual design adaption
Implementing of battery, water storage and a supporting power source possible
Developed hand in hand with leading companies - KSB and Fuji

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Benefits of Solar Pumping

  • Renewable energy supply
  • Solar is the cheapest and cleanest source of power in many parts of the world
  • Significant savings – fixed and known invest
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fuel free operation – No logistics expenditure during ongoing operation
  • No dependency on costly fuel and unstable grid supply
  • Significant savings – fixed and known invest


A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works

1. What is a solar water pump system?

A solar water pump system a pump system designed to be powered directly from solar Photovoltaic DC energy. It consists of a motor pump set, solar plant and the solar pump drive. The solar pump drive can vary the speed of the pump motor to increase and decrease the pump flow rate according to the available energy from the solar plant.

2. Where can solar pumping be used?

Solar pumping can be used for every available pump application. For example, in the field of agriculture, Industries, Municipal and more.

Due to the individual design of each system, the suitable pump for the specific application is defined first and the rest of the system is designed accordingly.

3. Is solar pumping suitable for remote and Off-grid areas?

Especially for remote and Off-grid areas, the solar pumping is the perfect solution to provide the needed water supply. The solar pumping system can provide the energy (AC Micro-grid) to supply additional energy consumers such as light.

4. What maintenance is required for a solar powered pump system?

The system needs very minimal maintenance which includes cleaning of the panels on a regular basis.

In comparison to a diesel generator, solar Photovoltaic have a significantly longer life expectancy and continue to produce energy for even longer than 25 years.

5. What system capacities are possible?

The system can be designed for a wide capacity range of up to 280 kWp pumps with one single pump drive:

Standard: 50 to > 150 m³/h – 50 to > 400m

Special solution: up to 2500 m³/h max – 1500m max

6. Can the system work with other energy sources?

Other energy sources can be integrated in the system. The Design aims to make maximum use of the solar operation. Nevertheless, to provide extra-long operation times (for example night operation) or for a higher water supply security (for example during cloudy days), Grid connection, diesel generator or any other energy sources can be integrated as a support or backup.

7. Can an existing pump station be upgraded to a solar pump system?

Yes, upgrading or refitting an existing pump station is possible. Depending on the specification and conditions of the used pumps we can design the solar pump system. We also can recommend pump replacement if needed.

8. Does the system the system have dry pump detection and water tank level control functions?

Yes. These functions and more are implemented

9. What kind of system architectures are possible?

The system can be designed in various technical architectures:

  • Off-Grid: Isolated solar power plant. The pump is solely powered by solar energy.
  • Selectable power supply: The system can be supplied in DC, by solar energy or in AC by means of grid connection or diesel generator.
  • Assisted power supply: The system can be simultaneously supplied in AC (Grid or generator) and DC (Solar Photovoltaic energy).

10. Does the system use batteries?

The system works solely with solar photovoltaic energy and batteries is not needed for normal operation. Batteries can be integrated to the system if required.