Maintenance and Operation (O&M)

VISPIRON offers a full range of services
with customers individually agreements

From Incidents to Tax Forms

Photovoltaic systems have a very long service life and are built to operate for at least 25 years. In order to be able to generate a consistently high energy yield, regular maintenance is essential. VISPIRON offers a full range of services by our experts. The service level is agreed individually with the customer.

This also includes commercial management. This means that we check the accounts for the energy fed into the grid every month, prepare balance sheets, coordinate insurance contracts, keep the accounts and make the distributions to the shareholders. In this way, we also ensure the highest possible economic efficiency for your capital investment.


Mechanical inspection
  • Installation System
  • Module clamps
  • Fence systems
Checking the electrics
  • Module condition and module contamination
  • Inverter maintenance
  • Checking the cabling
  • Characteristic curve measurement
  • Checking the monitoring system
  • Check of the lightning protection system
  • Thermographic reports
  • Module cleaning
Maintenance of the medium voltage system
  • Maintenance of the transformer station according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Testing of the switchgear
  • Measurement of the earthing resistance
Maintenance report
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report documenting the condition of the system
  • Recommendation of performance-enhancing measures
Grounds maintenance
  • Mowing the lawns
  • Trimming of hedges and shrubs
  • Maintenance of the compensatory measures

Operation & Maintenance:
Our services

To ensure that your solar power plant produces energy and delivers a return throughout its entire service life, it requires continuous technical monitoring and maintenance.
Our technicians professionally take care of this monitoring. This means that problems or malfunctions can be detected at an early stage.
The service level is agreed individually with the customer.


  • Checking the plant configuration
  • Checking the operating data (performance ratio, specific yield, breakdown times)
  • Checking the configuration of the data logger
  • Thermographic measurement of the plant

Remote Monitoring

  • Permanent recording of the relevant plant data
  • Automated notification of the service team in case of malfunctions
  • Fast repair in the event of damage

Damage Repair

  • Short response times
  • Professional repair by our experienced service teams
  • Minimisation of damage-related plant downtimes

Thermographic Reports

  • Detailed module thermography for the localisation of module defects (hotspots, substring defects, hot cells, defective junction boxes, etc.)
  • Thermographic examination of the power electronics and the medium voltage to detect malfunctions
  • Generation of a detailed report

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