Grid-connected storage for intraday trading and innovation tenders

Battery storage offers a win-win solution for solar park operators and energy suppliers

Battery storage supports the expansion of renewable energies and is an important key technology for implementing the energy transition in Germany. With our battery storage solutions, we stabilise the electricity grids and optimise the economic efficiency of photovoltaic systems.
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Your advantages at a glance

Increasing the economic efficiency of solar systems

Our partner SEtrade offers attractive remuneration models CPA (Capacity Purchase Agreement) for large-scale battery storage.  

Reduce grid connection costs

Battery storage in combination with intelligent load management reduces connection costs ( BKZ*).

Agreement on individual network fees

Reach the limit of 7000 annual full load hours with a consistent purchase performance and reduce your grid charges to a minimum.

Compensation during production fluctuations

Electricity storage systems avoid grid charges by capping peak loads (peak shaving*).


Virtual power plant & flexible electricity marketing

Benefit from the energy market SEtrade through the  trading platform and have your PV system and storage managed professionally.

Provide network services

Storage can provide grid support functions such as control power (PRL, SRL*), reactive power, emergency power supply, black start capability.

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It's so easy

We advise you on how to optimise your energy consumption with a large-scale battery storage system based on individual, concrete expansion scenarios. From consumption analysis to long-term data collection and design planning, you get everything from a single source.

Become part of the energy transition!

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